Continuous Progress Since 1995

Durability, Power and Strength

Established in 1995, Standard Electric has steadily grown to be one of Egypt’s most renowned companies in the field of electrical accessory manufacture.
Using only the most up to date materials and processes ensures our products meet the tough and rigorous demands needed in today’s commercial and domestic environments. The use of Bakelite material in the majority of our products has been the backbone of our success. There exists no other material with the extreme electrical and mechanical properties Bakelite can offer the end user. The company’s modern factory premises are located in 10th Ramadan City, one of Egypt’s most modern industrial areas. Over the years, the gradual manufacture of most components in-house has helped maintain the strict quality standards needed in today’s market.


International Quality Standards Award

In 2014, Standard Electric was recognized as one of the leading companies in Egypt adopting and implementing international quality standards in electrical production.
The award was presented by the Minister of Industry Mr. Mounir Fakhry Abdelnour.